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November 2017

Copernicus Masters winners

FSSCat project was officially announced as the winner of the Copernicus Masters Award at European Space Week 2017.
Golbriak Space is a part of the FSSCat consortium, along with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). We are moving towards a demonstration of the first optical communication link between CubeSats.

January 2018

ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Estonia

Golbriak Space has been accepted as one of the very first start-ups to the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Estonia

January 2018

Start-up of the Month

Golbriak Space has been nominated Copernicus Accelerator “Start-up of the Month”

June 2018

Winners of the Airbus Defense and Space Challenge

Golbriak Space OÜ, won the Airbus Defense and Space Challenge of the INNOspaceMasters 2018 with an innovative cloud computing solution on the International Space Station using Bartolomeo.

March 2019

Delivered two OISL to FSSCAT satellite integrator

September 2020

On September 3rd, 2020; at 03:15 CEST FSSCat has been launched

January 2021

In-orbit validation of key components and system avionics raising the TRL of the system

September 2022

Started the co-development of MilCam with Space IT

April 2023

Optical Groundstation Development for High-Speed Data Up and Downlink