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Optical communication solutions for aerospace

Fast, safe and affordable space communications for distributed satellite missions

Enable your satellites with state-of-the-art optical communication terminals and communicate hundreds of megabits per second while keeping your data safe thanks to AI-enabled processing Data Hubs.

Higher data-rate and lower cost-per-bit

The divergence of high-frequency optical/laser communications beams is three to four times narrower than that of lower-frequency RF communications beams. Thus, the transmitted signal can be delivered to the intended receiver with lower link losses.

AI-powered data processing, exchange and storage

  • Sandboxing capabilities
  • Virtual Missions support
  • Run third-party software, including ML or deep learning algorithms directly on the data hub

No ITU frequency coordination and license fees required

Radiofrequency (RF) communication in Satellite Telecommunication is highly regulated, leading to a long and bureaucratic process to obtain licenses. This results in a time-consuming and complex process.

On the other hand, optical communication in Satellite Telecommunication is not regulated, providing a more flexible and streamlined solution for your data exchange. This allows for a plug-and-play solution, where users can quickly deploy and start using optical communication systems without the need for extensive regulatory approval processes.

Resistant to jamming, spoofing and tapping

The high directionality of the laser beam utilized in optical communication makes it safer against cyberattacks such as jamming, spoofing, and sniffing.

Services and products designed for you


  • Size: from 2U
  • Weight: from 1.2 kg
  • 15W peak power
  • 2.5 Gbps in LEO
  • Link distance from 10000 km for the base model


  • Size: 2U + 2U
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • 15W peak power
  • 2.5+Gbps through the atmospheric channel


  • Starting from 18€/min (1 Gbps)